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The importance of money in the standard of living

The importance of money in our standard of living is similar to that of food to our body (everybody needs money!) Just like we can only survive a few days without food, we can’t live long without money.

Most of the problems we have in our day-to-day life can be solved if money were available. If we have luxuries of money, problems of life like

  • What to eat, what to wear will be out of our way.
  • Lack of comfort will be far gone from you probably after you’ve acquired Air conditioning, TV etc
  • Your health will be a no issue. You can hire the best of doctors in town for a regular check-up!

Nonetheless, there’s a great nemesis standing in-between us and money. It’s called nature! Money doesn’t just come to anybody. One has to work for it. Either you or your parents (one way or the other). We always have to work and compete with other human beings because the demand on money is high, unlimited but the supply is limited.

Hence, money which is supposed to be the solution to the problem of humanity becomes the root of all evil!

Aside the fact that money makes amenities available for us to enjoy life, it also gives us respect. Little wonder how much respect has been accrued to those who have money in the society. Only few has even dared to think and know that the difference between a chief, or whatever and a regular man is the money, not the title in itself. Most of these titles, either ethnical or educational, if not all, were only gotten in exchange for money. It’s no more news that there’s something as “honorary doctor”.

Money also helps us earn people’s love. Withhold a man’s money for a moment and see how many people are going to continue to lick his feet like his servant. Funny, before you know it, these set of people always clustering around him will turn their backs on him. After it all, it turns out that they only needed his money!

Money! Money!! Money!!! A great pre-requisite to live in our world today, take it or leave it!